Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Finding the Fall Foliage

Every fall, the leaves turn.  Where you are in the world depends on what that view of the turn looks like. With the annual leave turn typical comes color temperatures and the promise of little white snow flakes to begin falling somewhere other than where I live.  There is something special about a crisp, cool fall day that always ranks high on my list on the 365 day calendar.  It's a time a year I always try to hold on and capture because with a blink of an eye it ends, and in the south we are left with cold, damp winter days. This fall I made effort to get out and hike as much as I could and capture the fall landscape from beginning to end. Like a crescendo in a great song, the end result was worth the build up.

Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia - September 10, 2016

A great day hike located roughly two hours from Atlanta, Cloudland offers great views and hiking of similar nature. This visit to Cloudland was early September, which in the state of Georgia still feels and in some part looks like the back end of summer.

Cloudland Overlook

No signs of fall color this early, but clear signs of  severe drought where a waterfall should sit.

Acadia National Park, Maine - September 16 -18, 2016

From low 90's and high humidity to low 70's and no humidity, Acadia was a perfectly timed visit to follow up Cloudland.  Located on the shore of the southern Maine coast, Acadia National Park is a must visit for any enthusiast who loves the outdoors, National Parks, or incredible landscapes this world has to offer. Rugged shore line surrounded by some of the highest peaks on the east coast, there is good reason this place is a National Park. Finding the fall foliage wasn't the scope of the trip, but the signs of what was to come provided all the more reason to come back.

Finding some fall mix outside the park

When your in a place like Acadia, whether the leaves are turning or not is not relevant. 

Sweetwater Creek State Park, Georgia - October 16, 2016

The least strenuous hike of the fall,  maybe more a stroll. A classic hike nonetheless just outside the Atlanta city limits that allows a city escape without going far.

Slight signs of  fall colors starting to line Sweetwater Creek

Naturally, you want a 420 or IPA after visiting this place 

Lake Toxaway and Rainbow Falls, North Carolina - October 22 - 23, 2016

Finding the fall turn in the North Carolina mountains is a great place to do it. Late October in the 'mid south' is the ideal time to find the peak of the fall turn.

Fall colors nearing full peak

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina - October 29, 2016

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a special drive any time of year. During peak leaf turn in the fall, it's certainly something to not soon forget. With plenty of turn offs to soak in the views and nice day hikes right off the parkway, it's not a bad way to hit fall in it's peak foliage.

Savor every turn on the parkway as each one will give you a new perspective of fall  
Until next fall