Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco De Mayo: The only relevant 5 is Braves winning streak

As I finished up my last class as an Undergraduate yesterday a sense of feeling of relief and accomplishment shuddered my shoulders. Exhaustion was setting as was the fact that it was May 5, 2011, Cinco De Mayo. The Auburn community was finishing up with school and ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in downtown Auburn.

I decided that I would celebrate my completion of my Undergraduate degree at Auburn University at Turner Field watching the Atlanta Braves. A chance to celebrate May 5th by watching

A evening at Turner Field is the only way I wanted to spend my last day as an Undergraduate at Auburn University.

A great game all around. There was great pitching by the Brewers and Braves respectively. The most timely hit came by Braves Martin Prado. With the game tied in the Bottom of the 8th at 1-1 Martin took he game into his hands. Leading off, he worked the count to 3-1 and took a fastball and deposited it 20 rows deep into the left field seats.

Martin Prado rounds the bases after his eighth inning go ahead home run. (photo courtesy of

Kraig Kimbrell worked a perfect one, two three ninth striking out the first two batters and inducing a groundout to end the game.

Sure I finished my Undergraduate Tenure at Auburn University which is a personal accomplishment; but the Braves have one five straight, now that is what I call an accomplishment.

The Day Sports Stood Still 4.27.11

On the night of March 27, 2011 tornadoes ripped across the southeast. The damage was catastrophic. The place that was damaged the worst was Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I realized how bad the storms were and felt called to drive from Auburn, Alabama to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to get a better idea of how bad the damage was. Check out some of my first hand pictures from a day the State of Alabama will never forget.

4.28. The Day After