Monday, February 21, 2011

The Changing Face of the Music Industry

(Chris Martin captivates audiences with his stage presence and passion for music-Picture is from a Birmingham Concert I attended May 2009)

Coldplay's recent single release 'Christmas Lights' is furthering reason that the band has not yet reached their peak. It is hard to imagine topping the fluidity and dynamics of their last album of Viva La Vida but I assure you it will happen. If you have the opportunity go see them in concert it will change your perspective on the music industry. Chris Martin is simply electric and captivating, one more incredible album and I will start my Beetles comparisons, get ready for greatness folks. I used to be less "open" to new music until I got into Coldplay. I have always been bias towards not liking Dave Matthews band due to the cliquey feel I have always gotten from him and his fans, but I have recently started listening to them more lately and have a greater appreciation for their music. I will be working abroad this summer and am hopefully going to have an opportunity to see Coldplay in Europe, talk about an amazing concert.

(Coldplay sets up side stages throughout various areas of their performances)