Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rivers, Mountains, and Streams: All of the above.

There is something special about living 6,237 feet above sea level. While I have not yet started working in Jackson, there is plenty to keep me busy in the meantime. Every time I get in the car I cross over a river. Every time I blink I see a mountain. Outside my apartment is a window of opportunity so large it is hard to grasp. Going to sleep every night is exciting; getting up in the morning is a thrill.

Most residences in Jackson do not have air conditioning. During the summer and into the early fall there is simply no need as mornings and evening are pleasant as the temperature rises and becomes warm during the day. Come winter the heater will become necessary as heavy snow storms constantly come through with below freezing temperatures.

Whether visiting Jackson or living here no one should be spending time in his or her place of residence during the day. Beyond the city of Jackson you can fly fish, road bike, run, or hike; and that is just during the summer. Sure you might be able to do those things in another city, but in Jackson you can drive twenty-five minutes to Grand Teton National Park and explore one of the most beautiful National Parks in America. Drive beyond Grand Teton and you will find yourself in renown Yellowstone National Park.

Spending time outdoors is something every individual should strive to do. Turn off your television, your computer your phone take in the fresh air and go explore.