Monday, June 29, 2015

City Cement versus Mountain Air

When you live in a concrete fortress filled with millions of people, life in the city can be pretty draining and contains many unpleasantries. Atlanta specifically is full of cement and humid air. In the summer, the cement gets boiling hot and the air becomes thicker than an unopened jar of honey. In order to stay away from these city nuisances, it's imperative to get out of the city whenever possible (ie: every day you don't work) and position yourself by a body of water or elevation changes for comfortable temperatures. One way to cease that opportunity is to travel just a few short hours north west of this concrete bunker to the Highlands, North Carolina area.

Taking the city cement and replacing it with the mountain air always provide a sense of self reassurance and restoration that there is opportunity out there to explore the outdoors and thrive in it, should we choose to take advantage of it.

Rain clouds covering the mountain views atop Rabun Bald. 

Rainbow on Whiteside Mountain. 

Final scenes of Deliverance were filmed here. 

Sky Valley Golf Club. Mountains in the distance used to house a ski lodge.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Sky Lines and Solidifying Wins

Last night I was able to capture a vivid image of the Tuner Field sky line. The picture was taken on my D70 fish eye lens. This lens creates s a unique visual picture, as it's designed to capture a wide panoramic image.  With proper lighting and scenery, it creates an optimum picture scenario for this specialty lens.

Braves vs. Padres Tuesday June 10, 2015
It was a comfortable summer evening at the Ted. The Braves were able to win their second straight game against the Padres. Backed by a strong pitching performance from Williams Perez and a singles attack from the offense, (all 14 hits were singles) the Braves put together a sold win 4-1.

Through 59 games, the Braves sit one game below the .500 mark with a record of 29-30. In what has been an under-performing division to date, they are 2 games out of first place behind first place Washington coming into today's game. The 2015 team has been a fun team to watch, specifically comparing to 2014's team. They show a lot of fight and for the most part you get the feeling they are still alive in games. Are they bound for a deep playoff run? Probably not. But sitting over one third of the way through the season, they are not out of the picture. My hope is that this team will still be playing for the NL East or a wild card spot come the dog days of summer. Only time will tell if they can maintain a .500 or better record, but they have done a good job of proving the critics wrong to this point, and I see no reason why they can't keep that going.

First pitch is in 12 minutes. Time to get back to .500