Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Waiting for the Snow to Fall

There is something about snow skiing that is unlike anything else you will ever experience on this earth. It brings a since of self accomplished freedom. It puts you miles away from everything that is anything. There is so much going through your head but at the same time your mind is completely blank. As a skier, you wake up you just hope it is a powder day:

“There is nothing in the world like going out onto an untouched, open, virgin mountain slope drenched under a thick blanket of new powder snow. It gives a supreme feeling of freedom, mobility. A great sense of flying, moving anywhere in a great white paradise.” - Hans Gmoser

Today is September 6, 2011 it is still quite warm, and it will be a few weeks before the seasons first snow fall. I find myself waking up in the morning craving the cold air, longing for the snowfall; each day telling myself that it is one day closer to the start of the season. Fortunately there is plenty to explore and keep me sufficiently occupied in my back yard in the meantime. Each evening lately I find myself on the river tying flies, learning the technicalities of fly fishing. Hoping to bring in more trout than the day before. As I fish into the sunset with the Grand Teton's in the background, I know that the first snowfall, and first powder day is just around the corner.