Saturday, January 8, 2011

A "before" perspective to the Arizona people might not see outside Glendale

After numerous visits out West, I have fallen in love Utah, Wyoming and Montana. These three states are truly beautiful; not only do they offer great skiing in the winter but also their summers prove to be just as spectacular with surreal fishing, hiking and mountain biking. One state that I have always wanted to trek through is Arizona. With Auburn University playing for a BCS National Championship, it has bestowed that opportunity to take in this illustrious state. While I am no doubt enthused about the opportunity to watch first hand Auburn play for a National Championship I can honestly say I am equally as enthused to do some exploring in this great state. One great thing about the West is the lack of humidity in the air. While the common perception might be to think of this as advantageous in warm weather, it actually proves equally beneficial in the cold as it actually makes the air warmer. Arizona also provides areas of vast topographical differences. Phoenix, the capital city maintains the most suitable temperatures this time a year with pleasant sixty degree averages during the day while it cools off at night but is still pleasant. Flagstaff offers a ski mountain via a small ski town feel with fine dinning options. Sedona is one of the most unique places in Arizona with typically warmer temperatures and is known for its red rocks. The Grand Canyon is a third option available it stays very cold this time of year, with highs typically ranging in the thirty’s. Thus it is a great place for people like myself who will actually be able to with stand the cold and enjoy the lesser crowds. After exploring and doing the many unique places Arizona has it almost slips my mind that there is a football game to be played. The atmosphere should be surreal, as fans from Auburn and Oregon will both represent their respective Universities. This is what I look to gain out of my time in Arizona; experience one of the most unique geographical spots in the United States, and witness my school Auburn University have one of the most dominant historical seasons in college football history and cap it off with a BCS National Championship, a senior year to remember. The only thing could that could top this trap is some fresh Utah powder. Fortunately for me that is right around the corner. What is it they say? War Damn Eagle.