Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jackson Hole Condition Report: February 2015

Jackson Hole is in an ideal position right now. They have snow. Most of the west is lacking in snow; specifically California, Colorado, and even Utah is well behind their normal average total for February. Our time in Jackson consisted of very little snowfall; maybe six inches total throughout a seven day ski trip. With the dry conditions, smooth morning groomers and north facing slopes were the place to be for the week. Jackson was also experiencing abnormally, record high temperatures that made conditions seem like spring during most afternoons. You make the most of the conditions and remember your in an incredible place not everyone will have the opportunity to experience. In winter months in Jackson, you hope you never have a view of the Tetons, as it signifies snowfall. But when the clouds lift and the sky opens, the opportunity presents itself for majestic views:

Bluebird Jackson Hole - The only place for fresh tracks was in the backcountry. 

The backside of the Tetons as seen through the fish eye

By far the most frightening potato in Idaho

Jackson sun set as seen through the fish eye

Official Beer of the Tetons

Grand Targhee offers a nice change of pace from the large Jackson Hole crowds

Backside view of The Grand

Cloud Cover slowly lifting over the Tetons

Clouds cleared for an immaculate view of the Tetons