Friday, February 22, 2013

The Improper Use of a Snow Ski

I spent a few hours last night writing a pretty thorough post of the past year and half of my life. I depicted from a higher level, my time in Jackson Hole, a serious injury I suffered and the road to recovery until today. I will post this soon, but lets put that story aside for a minute. I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last week shredding the gnarr (skiing) and had the opportunity to buy a new pair of skis. I spent the whole week demoing skis, and finally closed on a great all mountain ski, the K2 Coomback’s (honoring Doug Coombs, one of the greatest). The skis were purchased the second to last day of the trip, so to this day these skis have been skied on ONE day. Here’s a picture of these bad boys in Jackson. Not only are they a great all mountain ski, but they have a pretty sick skin with a picture of the tram connecting across both skis.


 Now here’s a picture of these same skis sitting in my apartment in Atlanta, Georgia.

 After a long week of work I really can’t think of anything worse than a brand new pair of skis leaning against a wall of an apartment in Atlanta. Even worse, these skis will more than likely not be used again until 2014. At least I have a great all mountain ski to collect dust, look at frequently after long days of work, and help me realize that eight days in a year of skiing is simply is not enough. I leave you with a view of one of the greatest playgrounds in the world: Jackson Hole. Braze.